Finding Your Sweet Spot


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Living a happy, productive and impactful life requires one to find their sweet spot. Those that found their sweet spot are enlightened, peaceful, and attract wealth. Finding one’s sweet spot is a lifetime commitment that involves coming to terms with one’s pains, taking a decisive position to change, managing one’s thoughts, embracing a prosperity mind-set, managing one’s brand, making an impact and learning to love unconditionally.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Operate from the heart, vibrate love and forgive self and others
  2. Embrace the ying & yang of life and be balanced
  3. Welcome pains as triggers for change
  4. Take a position and embrace principles to transform your life
  5. Learn to manage your thoughts and focus
  6. Become impactful and be purposeful
  7. Enhance your personal brand
  8. Embrace prosperity mindset and learn wealth building principles


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