Embrace the science and innovation as pillars of your organizational growth

Course Duration

8 modules covered in 8 hrs.

course by: DR.JOE MOLETE

Course Description

The new economic growth model is based on science, innovation and technology. This new model requires that various stakeholders work together to develop regional innovation districts which will incubate
technology entrepreneurs and support them to develop cutting edge technologies. The incubation model requires investments in technology platforms, clustering of competitive sectors and entrenching a collaborative culture.

Learning Outcomes

  1. What makes advanced countries competitive & case studies
  2. Harnessing diversity and wealth in Africa
  3. Elements of the new economic growth model
  4. Skills required to compete in the new economy
  5. Elements of an innovation district or regional innovation system
  6. Sector clustering model and value chain analysis
  7. Incubation model for technology enterprises
  8. Game changer technologies in development


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