Package your knowledge and make money as a speaker or coach

Course Duration

8 modules covered in 8 hrs.

course by: DR.JOE MOLETE

Course Description

This course will teach you how to package and monetize your knowledge or skills as a speaker, trainer or coach. You will learn to identify and brand yourself in line with your passions while leverage on social media platforms to develop your tribe. You will learn to present in style to wow your audience so that they want more of you.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Select a topic aligned with your passion.
  2. Select the right audience, understand their needs & build a tribe.
  3. Define an appropriate solution aligned to your story with a clear monetizing plan.
  4. Develop your digital plan.
  5. Develop your product campaigning plan with flagships.
  6. Get your promo partners & clarifying your value offering to them.
  7. Share free content through blogs, podcasts and video clips
  8. Develop your continuous learning plan & Outsourcing plan


There are 8 sessions


SESSION # Session Name Topics covered Assignment
 1 Choose a Topic
 2 Pick Your Audience
 3 Discover Audience’ Needs
 4 Define Your Story
 5 Define A Solution
 6 Develop a Digital Plan
7 Campaign Your Program
 8 Get Promo Partners


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