Connect with universal consciousness and heal others

Course Duration

8 modules covered in 8 hrs.

course by: DR.JOE MOLETE

Course Description

As spiritual beings we need to awaken the energies within to connect with cosmic energy. Leaders who are balanced have both the feminine and masculine energies activated and manifest things through the law of attraction. This course will help you embrace the diversity of spirituality and to awaken your own inner spiritual gift so as to become more impactful.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Diversity of spirituality – connecting with your spiritual sources.
  2. Five elements of nature – living in harmony with the 5 elements of nature.
  3. Temple / Umsamo – setting your temple to harness energies
  4. Visions / dreams – seeing and interpreting visions.
  5. Spiritual laws – embracing the 14 key spiritual laws.
  6. Activating chakras – mastering and awakening the seven chakras.
  7. Awakening kundalini – meditating and awakening the energy within.
  8. Healing / Teaching – answering the call and helping others.


There are 8 sessions

SESSION # Session Name Topics covered Assignment
 1 Forms Of Spirituality
 2 Five Elements of Nature
 3 Unsamo/ Temple
 4 Visions & Dreams
 5 Spiritual Laws
 6 Activating Chakras
7 Awakening Kundulini
 8 Healing / Teaching


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