Dancing to the Rhythm of Life


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This course is based on my inspirational autobiography and gives you some insights on how I danced to the rhythms of life. Not only does this course introduce you to your coach but it gives you a framework to start writing your own life story. I share and demonstrate that success begins when you reflect deeply, forgive yourself and others and connect the dots backwards and front.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Intro to Dr Joe Success model and developing your Success model
  2. Intro to Dr Joe Success interventions and unpacking your interventions
  3. Unpacking the 8 elements of Dancing to the Rhythms
  4. Constructing your family tree and making peace
  5. Reflecting on your journey to finding your real purpose and passions
  6. Learning from your academic and corporate journey
  7. Connecting & learning from your pains and crucibles
  8. Unpacking your spiritual awakening journey
  9. Developing your health plan


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