Inspiring Greatness Seminar – 28 Nov 2020

This event has expired

The Inspiring Zoom Session coming on the 21st November at 15:00 will be a discussion by various committee members on the work done to date on our Inspired Leaders NPC and CFI. Come with your questions if you are still not sure whether you want to belong or not. Come ready with suggestions on what you think we should do. Come ready to share your skills on how you can contribute to the movement.
I think by now we collectively agree that it makes sense to work collectively to achieve greater impact. Hence we agreed to explore a Cooperative Model for Inspiring, Coaching, Training, Investments etc. The amount of talent, skills, expertise, generosity, hustling is mind blowing. It needs to be channeled. Very soon this free platform as well as free Zoom sessions will be switched off and only participating members will continue engaging on meaningful and impactful community transforming projects which make money for members.
Join here… Meeting ID: 960 8022 4725 Password: 164887