Inspiring Greatness Seminar – 19 Sep 2020

This event has expired

Another great Zoom Inspiring Greatness episode this coming Saturday, 19 Sep 2020, at 15:00 facilitated by Kgodiso Rabapane featuring two movers and shakers Kate Nomsa Jele and Seiso Mabaso.
Kgodiso Judith Rabapane is a Ph.D Candidate and a co-founder of Indalo Brands. Upon finding her sweet spot, Kgodiso pursued her gift of writing and has published her first book called Valour and Purpose: Exchanging my Fears for God’s Armour.
Kate Nomsa Jele is a servant of the Lord before anything else, a teacher and an entrepreneur. She is the owner of Somusa Design Arch, an Architectural firm and construction company.
Seiso Mabaso (unknown as Musa) is a mentor, motivational speaker and founder of organization called Men of Worth Foundation; which mentors and coaches men to ensure that they reach their full potential.

Come learn and be inspired. Just ordinary people doing ordinary things to make the world go round.
Join the Dr Joe Zoom Inspire Greatness Seminar Meeting ID: 960 8022 4725 Password: 164887